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I'll be a Councilor who represents our conservative values.

South Tulsans deserve to have their values represented in the City Council. I’m honored to be the voice for District 8. I will strive to protect our conservative values at the City Council.

South Tulsans have very strong opinions regarding our roads and infrastructure.

We need proven business leaders who can leverage the free-market to fix complex infrastructure issues. Our roads must be swiftly and properly maintained to attract new investments in Tulsa.

I am a trusted conservative leader who believes in limiting government overreach.

Tulsa’s City Council has become a hub for government overreach, from business shutdowns to mask mandates. Scott Houston is the conservative leader who will limit government overreach.

Scott Houston

“It’s time to chart a new conservative course in city government that protects our time-honored values, grows our economy, and gets back to the basics of limited government. I’m a businessman, a Christian family man, and a proud South Tulsan running to bring my private sector experience and your voice to the Tulsa City Council. It’s time for a true conservative change.”

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Scott Houston is a lifelong Conservative who’s been successful in business and ministry, having spent decades serving as a vice president of sales and marketing, helping lead a diverse staff and helping manage multi-million dollar budgets.

Scott has spent years coaching various leadership, business, and faith groups. Along with his business background, Scott is also active in his local church. Scott is married to his wife Vanessa, and together their growing family resides in South Tulsa. Scott has never run for office before, but he believes it’s time our conservative values were represented at the City Council. Scott is as conservative as they come, ready to apply his proven business principles to make our local council more transparent, accountable, and growth-focused in managing resources and adding new economic opportunity for Tulsans.

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